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Gallery - Punk Forever In Videos

Punk Forever Videos - Bangor Opening Night

Welcome to the Punk Forever video gallery. Here you will find videos related to Punk Forever, from previous exhibits. Why not take a look at Punk Forever: A Short Film, which was made for and shown during the Bangor run of the exhibition. Did you manage to make the lecture given by Jamie Reid at the Gwynedd Museum in Bangor? If not, no worries, have a little look below to find a summarised version of it! Also available is a quick look at the opening event of Punk Forever @ Bangor.

Punk Forever Videos: An Audience With Jamie Reid: Part 1

Artist Jamie Reid hosted a masterclass as part of Punk Forever at Bangor Museum in February 2010. The video below shows the first part of this masterclass, which was held alongside Punk Forever in the Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery, Bangor 2010.

Punk Forever Videos - Punk Forever: A Short Film

Watch a short film - made for the exhibition at Bangor Museum - about the creation of Punk Forever and its curator, Gerrion Jones.

Watch a short film of Punk Forever's opening night at Gwynedd Museum, Bangor. Featuring music from Henry Preistman and Mike Peters, as well as interviews with some of the guests